Massage Therapy

Blue Mountains Massage

Whether your need is for a moment of pure relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage in the Blue Mountains can enhance your sense of emotional and physical well-being, as well as improve your overall quality of life.

Our professionally trained massage therapists will use a variety of techniques that will improve your blood circulation, increase flexibility, decrease pain and inflammation, reduce stress and help your muscles to heal and relax.

Contact Lilianfels Day Spa for a massage at Blue Mountains and speak with one of our friendly staff who will be able to help you choose a massage treatment that suits you. Its feeling good, made simple.



45 min - $125 / 60 min - $145 / 75 min - $175 / 90 min - $195

This nurturing full body therapy is designed to relieve built up tension, soothe the nervous system and restore energy flow. Using Lilianfels Spa signature blended essential oils, this treatment promises to rejuvenate and rebalance.



45 min - $135 / 60 min - $160 / 75 min - $185 / 90 min - $205

Using a firmer style of massage this restorative therapy helps release muscle pain and tension. This massage is beneficial for the relief of physical stress and discomfort.


PREGNANCY MASSAGE – 60 Minutes $150

Suitable after the first trimester, this massage is nurturing safe and a deeply relaxing therapy designed for new mums and mums to be. Techniques used help to reduce stress and blood pressure, relieve strain on ankle, knees, back and increase blood and lymph flow.

*Must be 12 weeks and over 



60 min - $180 / 90 min - $225

This massage technique has been used in many healing cultures and uses the ancient practise of thermotherapy: therapy through the application of heat .combining long stroke massage techniques with warmed volcanic basalt stones, areas of built up stress are relived. Stones are placed on meridian points and chakras to restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing while you enjoy a soothing scalp and head massage. 


SPECIALISED MASSAGE - 75 Minutes $180   

We pride ourselves with our experienced and diverse professional spa angels that are not only trained in the beauty and massage profession but branch out and qualify in treatments such as, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, remedial, shiatsu, yoga, meditation, personal coaching and nutrition These specialised treatments are associated with an in-depth consultation to assist with long term wellbeing goals.